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Assaggio's Italian Bistro, Market & Pizzeria

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French Fries 3.75
Buffalo Wings 8.95

Served with bleu cheese dressing

Garlic Cheese Bread 5.95

Served with tomato sauce

Garlic Knots 3.95

Served with tomato sauce

Mozzarella Sticks 6.49

Served with tomato sauce

Jalapeño Peppers 6.89

Served with ranch dressing

Fried Calamari

Served with a medium spiced
marinara sauce

Bruschetta 6.95

Chopped tomatoes with garlic,
virgin olive oil, basil & Romano
cheese served over lightly
toasted bread

Mussels Marinara 10.95

Delicious mussels sautéed with
white wine in a mild marinara sauce

Fried Ravioli 7.95
With tomato sauce


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House Salad 7.50

Lettuce, tomatoes, red onion,
kalamata olives & pepperoncini

Antipasti Salad 10.79
House salad with ham, salami,
provolone, pepperoncini peppers
& pepperoni

Mediterranean Salad 10.50

House salad with feta cheese,
pepperoncini peppers & kalamata

Mozzarella Salad 10.95
Fresh homemade mozzarella,
tomatoes & fresh basil served over
lettuce & drizzled with olive oil
Caesar Salad 7.50

Romaine lettuce, croutons, Romano
cheese & Caesar dressing

Assaggio Salad

Grilled Chicken, Fresh mozzarella &

boiled egg over a bed of lettuce,

tomatoes, red onions, kalamata olives

& peperoncini peppers

Italian Tuna Salad 13.50

White tuna with artichoke hearts

and kalamata olives over lettuce,

tomatoes, red onions &

peperoncini peppers

Add the following:
Grilled Chicken 3.95
Shrimp 4.95


House Italian, Ranch, Blue Cheese, Honey Mustard


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Pasta Fagioli



Sausage Roll


Sausage Roll 10.29

Sausage, green peppers, onion & mozzarella cheese

Additional toppings 0.95





Ham Calzone 10.29

Ham, ricotta & mozzarella cheese

Spinach Calzone 10.29

Spinach, ricotta & mozzarella cheese

Additional toppings 0.95





Meatlover 10.29

Pepperoni, sausage, ham, meatball & mozzarella cheese

Vegetarian 10.29

Mushroom, onion, green peppers, spinach, broccoli & mozzarella

Additional toppings 0.95


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  14” 18”
NY STYLE (Thin crust) 12.75 14.50
Regular Toppings 2.20 3.00
Gourmet Toppings 3.50 4.50



Regular Toppings 0.95 NA
Gourmet Toppings 0.99 NA



Gourmet Pizza


  14” 18”
BIANCO 18.95 23.95

Ricotta, garlic, mozzarella cheese & Romano Cheese

MONA LISA 18.95 23.95
Fresh homemade mozzarella, plum tomatoes, garlic & fresh basil

ELIZABETH 18.95 23.95

Grilled asst. veggies with plum tomatoes, mozzarella & herbs

PESTO 18.95 23.95
Traditional pesto sauce with fresh mozzarella cheese & Romano

ANTONIO 18.95 23.95
Artichoke hearts, garlic, mushrooms, spinach, feta cheese, black
olives & red onion



Pizza Specials

Available from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm


2 slices with one topping & a fountain drink 6.19
1 slice with one topping, salad & a fountain drink 6.19



Regular Toppings


  • Pepperoni
  • Sausage
  • Beef
  • Meatball
  • Ham
  • Canadian Bacon
  • Extra Cheese
  • Mushrooms
  • Green Peppers
  • Black Olives
  • Onion
  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Green Olives
  • Garlic
  • Pineapple
  • Jalapeno Peppers
  • Banana Peppers
  • Sliced Tomatoes
  • Anchovies



Gourmet Toppings


  • Feta Cheese
  • Grilled Chicken**
  • Steak**
  • Sun Dried tomatoes
  • Ricotta Cheese
  • Eggplant
** Not available on slices


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10" Hot Subs


Meatball Parmigiana 10.29
Italian Sausage Parmigiana 10.29
Italian Sausage Peppers & Onions 10.29
Eggplant Parmigiana 10.29
Chicken Parmigiana 10.29
Shrimp Parmigiana 11.50
Veal Parmigiana 11.50
Steak & Cheese 11.50
Mushrooms, onions & peppers

Giovanni 11.50
Grilled chicken, roasted peppers, red onion & fresh mozzarella

Assaggio's Special 10.29
Fresh mozzarella, grilled eggplant, red onion & roasted pepper


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10" Cold Subs

All served with pickle and chips


Italian Combo 10.29

Ham, pepperoni, genoa salami & provolone cheese



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All chicken dinners receive a side salad, garlic knots and chef's choice of pasta

Chicken Marsala 17.95
Chicken breast with garlic & mushrooms in a marsala wine sauce

Chicken Franchese 17.95

Chicken breast with garlic & lemon in a white wine sauce

Chicken Parmigiana 17.95

Lightly breaded chicken breast in tomato sauce topped with mozzarella cheese

Chicken Piccata 17.95
Chicken breast w/garlic, lemon & capers in a white wine sauce


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All veal dinners receive a side salad, garlic knots & chef's choice of pasta

Veal Marsala 20.95

Veal with garlic & mushrooms in a marsala wine sauce

Veal Franchese 20.95

Veal with garlic & lemon in a white wine sauce

Veal Parmigiana 20.95
Lightly breaded veal cutlet in tomato sauce topped with mozzarella cheese

Veal Piccata 20.95
Veal w/garlic, lemon & capers in a white wine sauce


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All seafood dinners receive a side salad, garlic knots & chef's choice of pasta

Shrimp Parmigiana 19.50

Lightly breaded shrimp baked in tomato sauce & topped with mozzarella cheese

Shrimp Fra Diavolo 19.50

Jumbo shrimp simmered in a medium spiced marinara sauce

Shrimp Marinara 19.50

Jumbo shrimp simmered in marinara sauce

Shrimp Scampi 19.50
Jumbo shrimp sautéed with garlic, virgin olive oil, white wine & spices

Shrimp Antonio 19.50

Jumbo shrimp simmered in a tomato cream sauce & served over fettuccini pasta

Linguine Con Vongole 18.50
Littleneck clams in a traditional red or white sauce

Mussels Marinara 18.50

Fresh mussels simmered in marinara sauce

Zuppa Di Pesce 25.95
Shrimp, clams, mussels & calamari sautéed with garlic & oil, marinara sauce
& white wine sauce served over linguine


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Kid's Menu


Pasta with Sauce 4.95
Pasta with Butter 4.95
Pasta with Meatball 5.50
Chicken Fingers with French Fries 7.50


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All pasta dinners receive a side salad with garlic knots

Spaghetti or Penne ( tomato or marinara sauce)

Spaghetti or Penne with Meatballs, Sausage or Meatsauce
Baked Ziti 14.50
Baked Manicotti 14.50
Ravioli Cheese 14.50
Lasagna 15.95
Fettuccini Alfredo 14.95
Add chicken 3.95
Add shrimp 4.95
Eggplant Parmigiana with Pasta 14.50
Eggplant Rollatini with Pasta 15.95

Eggplant stuffed with ricotta, romano & mozzarella cheese topped with tomato
sauce & homemade mozzarella then baked & served with side of pasta

Penne Alla Vodka 16.50

Penne pasta sautéed with onions, prosciutto, garlic & vodka in a
tomato cream sauce

Penne Santa Lucia 17.50

Italian sausage with roasted peppers, onion & garlic in red sauce

Gnocchi Napolitano 16.95

Potato dumplings baked in a tomato cream sauce, topped with mozzarella & romano cheese

Pasta Assaggio's 16.95

Penne pasta with roasted peppers, eggplant & mozzarella in tomato cream sauce

Lobster Ravioli 19.50
Served in a tomato cream sauce


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Deli Items & Sides


Side of Meatballs 6.50

Side of Sausage 6.50


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Cannoli 3.95
Chocolate Cannoli 4.50
Tiramisu 6.29
Cheesecake 4.95
Black & White Cookie 2.95
Featured Cake 4.95
Italian Butter Cookies 6.75
Zeppoli's 5.95